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Technogel Sleeping Mattress Augmented Reality App

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You can now use your tablet device to interactively view one of Technogel Sleeping's mattresses, as if it was right in front of you!

The Technogel Sleeping Mattress Augmented Reality (AR) App uses a printed image to trigger a stunning 3D environment enhanced by computer-generated sensory inputs that recreate the look, feel and benefits of our mattresses in real-time.
Have fun. Be amazed. Get a sense of the sleeping experience you will have on a Technogel mattress!

After you have installed the Technogel Sleeping Mattress Augmented Reality App, here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your experience:
- Print the image of the Marker (available for download via button within the app or at )
- The marker, or target, is a printed image needed to initiate the app.
- This will serve as a “stage” where the 3D objects will appear virtually.
- The App will not work without the printed target!

- When you open the Technogel Sleeping Mattress Augmented Reality App, use the camera lens of your tablet device to position the printed marker so it fills the entire view of the screen.
- You must keep the printed marker within the screen view at all times.
- Adjust the angle of your mobile device to look around the virtual environment as if you’re actually there.
- Move your device farther or closer to the target to zoom out or zoom in to see more details.
- Use the touch-screen to interact with the person sleeping on the mattress.
- Touch the yellow bubbles to launch videos about the benefits of sleeping on Technogel.

If you enjoy the Technogel Sleeping Mattress Augmented Reality App from Technogel, then search for other Technogel Apps in the App store and visit for more information about the “soft side of life”.

Note: As part of a continual development program Technogel will from time to time improve and update Apps at any point in the future without prior written notice will forward regular updates when available.
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