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Dear restaurant owners!
Our online ordering platform allows you to get orders from your own mobile apps, Facebook apps or web apps. Consolidate all online orders in one easy-to-use iPad app, while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing order-processing costs. To get started, download this app and fill out our simple sign-up form. Thank you!

How does it work?
1. Get iPad
Start by downloading the store management app. The store management app lets you view live customer orders, manage online menus and prices, control order wait time, post messages to your customers and perform many other important functions related to management of your online stores.

2. Get Apps
We will work with you to deploy your mobile, Facebook, and web apps. The apps design will match your brand to make you stand out from the crowd. We will also work with you to input your menu and prepare everything else to make sure that your apps are ready for action!

3. Get Orders
Live customer orders from iPhone, Facebook and web apps will show up on your iPad. The order ticket will have complete description of the customer selections, including special instructions.

Get More Orders
Harness the power of Apple App Store, Facebook, and the Internet! Your apps will automatically show up in localized searches driving more orders to your restaurant.

Reduce Costs
Every time a customer calls to place an order someone in your restaurant spends a few minutes on the phone. During lunch and dinner rush those minutes add up. Let your customers order using the apps, and save time at the restaurant!

Increase Efficiency
Publish your interactive menu in mobile apps, on Facebook, or on your website and let your customers order what they want, without having to call someone at the restaurant. Customers will select meal options themselves, and the order ticket will contain everything customers selected.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Nothing is more frustrating to the customer than standing in line. The app will tell your customers when is the best time to order. Customers will be able to order ahead, while you control how many orders are allowed for each time period.

Keep all your existing systems! The iPad will quietly sit next to the phones and will display all customer orders in real time. No need to change your POS or upgrade your infrastructure!