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1.TS-ONE® Dosage Calculator
TS-ONE® dosage calculator shows a suitable TS-ONE® dosage calculated with a patient’s gender, age, height, weight and serum creatinine value.

2.Renal Function Calculator
Renal Function Calculator shows Estimated Creatinine Clearance (CCr) and eGFR calculated with a patient’s gender, age, height, weight and serum creatinine clearance.
Body Surface Calculator

3.Body Surface Calculator shows body surface area calculated with a patient’s height and weight. You can find three calculation results based on Fujimoto/Watanabe formula, Mosteller formula and Dubois formula, respectively.

This app was developed based on “A Study of Development and Offer of Safety Information of Anticancer Drug” collaborated with the Laboratory of Drug Informatics, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science, The University of Tokyo led by Prof. Yasufumi Sawada, Ph.D. and Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Supervised by:
Prof. Yasufumi Sawada, Ph.D.
Laboratory of Drug Informatics
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science, The University of Tokyo

The app is shown to the medical personnel such as physicians and pharmacists, nurses to promote proper use of TS-ONE®. Prior to the usage of this app, we would like you to read the precautions carefully.

1. This app was developed for the purpose of promoting the proper use of TS-ONE®, not for a commercial purpose. We would like to emphasize other than healthcare professionals please refrain from using the app.

2. When using this app to determine dosage of TS-ONE®, please pay attention to the following (1)~(2). If you have doubts on the results generated by the app, please use other apps or tools to reconfirm it.
(1) The app has been properly tested. Using the app incorrectly might generate adverse results.
(2) The app has been developed with iOS 6.0 and tested on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 at the time of development of this app. Taiho does not guarantee same accurate results may not be generated in the upcoming new versions of iPhones or the iPhone's iOS versions, as it has not been properly tested.

3. Please determine a dosage depending on real patients’ situation with understanding that Taiho recommends the graded determination of doses of TS-ONE® by estimated CCr for proper use.

4. Please perform cancer chemotherapy with TS-ONE® only in the case that is judged to be appropriate with the physician who has enough knowledge, experience for cancer chemotherapy in the medical facilities in cases of emergency. In the choice of the appropriate patients eligible to receive TS-ONE®, please make reference to the package inserts of each combination drug. Also, prior to the start of therapy, please explain the effectiveness and the risk of the treatment to the patients or the family and ensure their understanding.

5. Before you determine a dosage of TS-ONE®, please read the package insert of TS-ONE® carefully and adhere strictly to the proper use and dosage. Also, please be careful about ensuring the safety of the patients.