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Smarty Print

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Smarty Print Handwriting in unlike any other letter tracing or handwriting app in the app store but not unlike most SmartyShortz apps where there is always an element of fun and positive reinforcement!

Smarty Print includes 8 sections:
• Tracing sections for upper & lower case with pronunciation and vocals
• Sight words with pronunciation and vocals
• A practice sections for free hand practice
• An Assessment section for instructor to look at a child results (how long did a letter or word take, did they fully complete the trace)
• A Coloring Book section for taking photos & images and converting them into cartoons and/or black/white coloring pages
• An Art section for creating Jackson Pollock style splatter art with classical music
• A Feedback section for instructor assessment that can be printed and emailed
• Information section for simple instruction walkthrough

Smarty Print allows a user to enjoy practicing and learning letters, write and read sight words then be rewarded with artistic creativity time that can be printed, emailed or saved to the device. There is never a better time to learn your letters then now with Smarty Print! Please use our Stylus Pencils with acclaimed grippers to help facilitate proper writing posture while tracing on the iPads.

Learn, Play, WRITE!