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The Knowledge on a wide variety of subjects statistics

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For example, the slightly difficult boss, the person in charge of an important business partner, the dear person who wants to make a lover….

There is not the person whom you cannot urge if I make a friend of "the unexpected actual situation" that "statistics" show. The power of absorption that a number has is equal to the sweet nothings that seem to melt away indulgently.

The person who is weak in human relations.
The person who thinks about enterprise, or independence.
The person who wants to enhance the evaluation of own a little.
The person who wants to improve a conversation.
The person who wants a job that it is evaluated by the society.
The person who wants to increase incomes.

【Table of contents】


<Chapter 1 "international" "society">

・International comparison of the well-being

・International comparison of the good nature

・The situation of the social isolation

・Do you fight for a country if war happens?

・I compare a number of outbreak change of the piracy

・World pollution area ranking


<Chapter 2 "romantic">

・World handsome male ranking

・The citizen of the prefecture rate who "has confessed in place of a friend"

・Gap of the expectation of yearly income and the unmarried woman of the male single person


<Chapter 3 "meal">

・World cereals self-sufficiency ratio

・Seafood consumption supply standard of all the countries of the world

・Supply calorie international comparison per one 1st

・International comparison of the soybean edible consumption

・Import-dependence rate according to the dish menu

・Likes and dislikes of food, the dish of the today's kid


<Chapter 4 "heart">

・International comparison of the consciousness that the life becomes free

・The times in the history that Japanese like

・High citizen of the prefecture ranking of the service mind



【A general editor】

○Yutaka Honkawa
For 1951 years, he was born in Kanagawa. He graduated Tokyo University department of agriculture agronomy department. "The society fact data pictorial record" showing by a graph from statistics data is presided over by him.