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Mobile Phone Orchestra

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
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A sonic art experiment in collaborative composition.

This app plays a single part of a greater collaborative composition. By combining multiple iPhones (All running M.P.O.) the Mobile Phone Orchestra is formed and will play a five minute piece every ten minutes.
Each single phone will sample sounds from your ipod library to create a unique instrument every single time it is played. If your ipod is currently playing a song, then that song will be used as source material, otherwise random songs from your ipod library will be used

By combining multiple phones arranged 20cm - 100cm apart, a uniquely spatialized and textured sonic art piece can be performed by the mobile instrument. The subtle timing difference between each phone creates rich rhythmical structures and can mimic improvised call and response patterns.

For best composition use at least four phones (the more the better) and place the phones onto a table or hard surface.