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  • Release Date:Nov 04, 2012
  • Size:10.20 Mb
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CloudBeats - Cloud Music Player

Save space on a device, have instant access to your audio files anywhere.
Listen to your music, audiobooks and podcasts directly from the cloud !

If you've got large iTunes music library this music player is the perfect solution to access your favorite songs and entire music library - without taking up any extra device space and synchronization hassle.

Once you moved your music collection to the cloud, CloudBeats connects to any of your cloud storage including DropBox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, Mediafire and ownCloud and streams your music directly from there.

Offline mode allows you to download your favorite albums and songs for offline playback - meaning that you can listen to music, even when you aren’t connected to the internet.

・ plays mp3, aac, m4a, wav. ownCloud limited to mp3 and m4a only.
・ offline playback mode ! download your favorite albums on device for listening without internet connection.
・ create playlists from music in multiple cloud services
・ personal Radio - a mix from your music collection in the cloud
・ repeat and shuffle
・ album art in the player
・ favorite folders for fast access
・ gesture controls in the player
・ narration speed control and bookmark for audiobooks listening
・ sleep timer
・ local search - works over the folders that you have opened at least once
・ Airplay is supported
・ single universal app for iPhone and iPad

* Please note that the app cannot play drm protected files purchased on Itunes Store.
** Google Music service is not supported

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iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone