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Sudoku Story Deluxe

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Solve challenging sudoku puzzles as you defend Audrey from waves of enemy hordes!!! This epic mashup of sudoku and defense strategy forms a brand new type of game, one you've never seen before! The first strategy puzzle game ever!

Our heroic main character, Audrey, is a passionate sudoku player blazing through puzzles on her morning commute to the diner where she works. One snowy morning, a chance encounter with fate embarks Audrey on the adventure of her life! Uncover Audrey's story as you and her friends defend against hordes of enemies bent on destruction. Solve the sudoku puzzles to advance the story while battling back bad guys to keep Audrey from being captured.

If you are a defense fan you'll love it! If you are a sudoku fan you'll love it! And if you've never played either, you'll still love it!

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"You have to see it to believe it!"

"An awesome sudoku game with a great story!"

"Sudoku meets Defense!"

Sudoku Story Deluxe Features Include:

° One of each Power Up included in Deluxe!

° 50 epic sudoku defense battles that will hook you for life!

° Recruit your Friends and use your Special Moves to engage the enemies in battle!

° Select your Special Moves to strategically aid in your victories!

° 11 Power Ups help you fight off Enemies!

° 6 specialized Board Upgrades to customize your strategy! Hints, Pencil Marks, and Extra Friend Spots to name a few.

° With 22 Friends and Special Moves, have Wizard provide health boosts to your Friends and drop some Panda Bombs on your Enemies!

° With 17 different Enemies, from Ninjas to Mobsters, watch out for the two Bosses!

° Different sudoku tile sets and escalating sudoku puzzle difficulties keeps your sudoku skills sharp!

° Over 85 Game Center Achievements and 2 Leaderboards give you hours of gameplay!

° Endless Battle Sudoku Mode for weeks and weeks of game play!

° Awesome illustrated Comic Book story in full high-definition for the new iPad -unlocked as you win!

° Retina graphics for the Comic pages with amazing one-of-a-kind animated comic display!

° Built in reference guide with information on your friends, special moves, board upgrades and enemy intelligence reports!

° Free play sudoku mode with 14 unlockable tile sets!

° Easy and clear sudoku tile highlighting system is fully integrated into game play!

° Fully integrated story theme: you watch the Comic action come to life!

Sudoku Story originated the puzzle defense game genre. How? By introducing the concept of timing your puzzle solution based on your strategic defense skills. Driven by an unfolding comic book story line, this mashup takes your skills to a whole new level. You must solve ever more difficult sudoku puzzles all the while battling back your enemies to protect Audrey from the evils at large. Select wisely from the friends you meet along the way and strategically use your special moves, board upgrades and power ups
to aid in your quest. All the characters are integrated with the comics to provide the smooth unification you expect from great iPad games. Play different.

Are you a thoughtful person? Do you like new and thought provoking games? Sudoku Story brings together storytelling, strategy defense, and the most challenging sudoku puzzles into one completely new and innovative game. With pandas, ninjas, mobsters, and surprises around every corner we have just one piece of advice for you: Think Fast! See if you've got what it takes!