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SuperStore register for small retail business and owner managed shops to manage Inventory, Purchase and Sales on iPad. It is Easy to Customize, USE, QUERY, STATISTIC and ANALYSIS.

July/21, 2013, SuperStoreLite was awarded new iPad App recommendation under Finance in China. New customer can download SuperStoreLite (free version) for try before purchase.

Advantages of SuperStore:
- One-time-buy, free upgrade all time.
- Privacy: Your sales data remains in your iPad - no data maintenance cost, internet service or additional computer needed.
- Safety: Your sales data can be backup in iCloud or your computer, safe and convenient.
- Sale your product quickly and conveniently, easy to use, customize and analyze.
- Query your product, sale orders and purchase orders quickly and easily with multiple filters.
- Finding your most popular, profitable product with powerful statistic and analysis support according to sale records,
- Powerful customization features to manage Product Brand, Product Category, Product Specification, Product, Vendor and Customer.

What's the Super of SuperStore:
- Product price supports exclude and include VAT (Sales Tax) price with 2 according order types. Though not recommended, it does support both 2 types together.
- Orders support 3-steps workflow and 1-step quick mode, support multiple types of business.
- Super querying and statistical support.

Main functionality:
Sale & Purchase:
- Support finishing order, delivery and cash in one step quickly or 3 steps easy workflow according to your preference.
- Support both barcode scan and select-choose to add product to order.
- Super Query: Can query orders info and profit according to customer/vendor, date and order status with sort support.
- Super Statistical: Support querying annual/monthly order statistic according to customer/vendor, date and order status.

- Easy to add, remove product as well as assign category, brand, specification and sale price.
- Support to add product by typing or barcode scanning. (China customers have one benefit: can try the free feature of querying product info and reference price from Internet)
- Easy to Enable/Disable products for sale.
- Support tracking and summarizing inventory change (adjust the inventory by placing purchase order with "Inventory Adjustment Vendor").
- Super Query: Can query product according to category and brand with sort support quickly and easily.
- Super Statistical: reviewing product’s transactions by double click a product.
- Super Statistical: querying product annual/monthly sales according to category/brand, pointing your most popular, most profitable, most… products.

Product Category, Brand, Specification:
- Can customize product Category/Brand/Specification according to your need.

Vendor && Customer:
- Support managing type and vendor/customer.

- Support multiple users with passcode protect.
- Support authority management. Owner can access all features of sale, purchase, query and settings while employee can only access sale.

Data Backup:
- Support backup/import to/from iCloud, easy and quick.
- Support backup/import to/from computer through iTune File Share, easy and safer.

- Set your Tax Type: include/exclude VAT.
- Set your workflow for purchase and sale.
- Set to use barcode scanning first or not, and the barcode types you are using.
- Set start date of a month for statistic, meet your personal finical need.