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MyRelax© is the space for your well-being and your serenity.

You can download your own guided encounters, where the voice of Carlo Boschi will
accompany you through pleasureable relaxation and meditation exercises, for the cost of a cup of coffee!
The instructions are easy and detailed. You do not need any physical effort, people of all ages have already done them.
The sound is optimized for headphones listening.
If you prefer, you can exclude the musical part and just listen to the guide voice.
You can use Air Play, or similar systems, and share every encounter with your friends.

The few minutes that you dedicate to each session, is sufficient to reach your natural equilibrium and your precious fundamental qualities.
MyRelax© offers you relaxation encounters to remove stress, to encourage sleep, to relax your body, to improve your health, to start the day in the best way, to recharge yourself during the working day, to drive away sadness, to deal with exams, to prepare yourself for physical activity and to regain energy after sport.
There are also encounters for meditating into the OM sound and meditating for people who are far away.
Do you want to start? Inside the App, you can try a free session, where you can experience the beauty and simplicity of relaxation: “Join Relaxation” introduces you to the universe of well-being.

The music is composed by Andrea Trinchi, in strict connection with the spirit of each encounter, and recorded in "RealTimeStudios" Bracciano, Italy.

If we wants to improve the quality of life, then MyRelax©is here for just that. Choose this new time for youself.

Thank you for having visited us.
We await your comments, your requests, your appreciation, your suggestions.
Your voice is our voice.
Goodbye. Have a smart relaxing time!

Carlo Boschi

Carlo Boschi has been practicing relaxation and meditation techniques for over 30 years (Qi Gong, Gurdjieff school, Autonomous training, Sophrology relaxation, Zen meditation, Voice meditation).
He also held the “Time for myself” course at the Bracciano municipality, sessions for learning relaxation and meditation techniques, over the last years.
He organizes seminars and conferences in Italy and abroad.
He is History of Music and Music esthetics university Professor at the Aquila Conservatory
He is Journalist since 1984.
Writer of books, articles and papers.