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AFSO21 Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century AFSOC

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Thank you for checking out the AFSO21 app for AFSOC. Other MAJCOMS coming soon...

AFSO21 stands for: Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century

AFSO21 has support at the highest levels, but it's not just a tool for commanders to use. It's a culture change that involves everyone.

AFSO21 is all about process improvement; it's a different mindset we all need to embrace. It means looking at all our tasks to determine which steps, processes or entire jobs add value and which do not.

This app has been built so your can learn more about AFSO21 and what is going on within AFSOC in term of process improvement.

AFSO21 provides the tools -- like Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints -- to make the improvements, but I want to be clear that they are just tools. The revolution is in the way we look at everything we do with an eye toward doing it better.

We are using our very successful balanced scorecard work as a launch point for AFSO21. The Air Force is using AFSO21 to analyze those key processes, eliminate waste, focus on the value-added parts of the processes and further improve them. AFSO21 is the future of the Air Force. We are not getting more people, resources or money...The only thing we can truly change is our processes. It's like Churchill said after the war, "Gentlemen we are out of money. Therefore, we will have to think!" It's time to think! It's time to act!

Useful Features:
* Call us directly from our app
* Get GPS directions
* Use our calendar to find out when our class dates
* Send us an audio recording of an idea
* Send us a picture of the waste you see in your workplace