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A lite version to live test and demonstrate a paperless secure process of conducting clinical assessments of medical student during the course of their curriculum. This Application will help administrators and exam coordinators in conducting health sciences student evaluation specifically with the Objective Structured Clinical Examination.
Key features include
- The iPad app for examiners to administer the checklists associated with each station
- The app is used by examiners who do a secure login to access the exam session.
- View Patient Case Description at any time and work with Timer enabled checklist.
- The app uses SSL for security and upon successful login, the examiner can view the assigned examination for the day and the specific clinical station.
- All data in the app secure encrypted mode.
- The data is kept in a secure database on the device and will be deleted only upon successful confirmation upon upload.
- Auto save the evaluation output on the device every 15 seconds to ensure data is secure even if the app crashes.
- All types of checklist are supported - single and multi-selection, text box, labels, lists.
- Support customizable scoring patterns with every checklist.
- Allow the examiner to allocate marks and re-evaluate students during the examination.
- Allow Administrators to do a trail run of the examination using test mode
- Allow Administrators to manage any last minute changes due to absence of any examiner through the administrator mode.