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Shadow Calc

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Photo & Video
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Shadow Calc helps you to calculate hours of unobstructed daylight and shadow for any date of the year and any place on earth. There are many reasons why you might want to know that:

- Maybe you want to buy or rent a new flat: How do you know there will be unobstructed sun on the balcony in winter?
- You might have plans for a flower bed. Will there be the required minimum hours of sun throughout the year?
- You plan to shoot a picture of the sun coming right over the hill. What's the time to get up?
- You shun the sun when it reaches its zenith. What time should you go inside?

You simply provide the coordinates of your location of interest and of a possible obstruction; then Shadow Calc has the answer to those questions.

Key features:

- Display of night, twilight, dawn, daylight and shadow distribution
- Display of midday
- For any date and timezone
- For any coordinates on earth
- No GPS or Wi-Fi required
- Save locations in a list of bookmarks for easy reuse
- Automatic backup of user defined locations
- Define complex obstructions consisting of an arbitrary number of locations
- Total hours of daylight
- Total hours of night
- Total hours of dawn/dusk/twilight
- Total hours of shadow
- Exact shadow intervals
- Time of sunrise
- Time of sunset
- Time of midday
- Maximum solar altitude
- Minimum solar altitude

Advanced features:

- Provide location data either manually or load from the location services (GPS) of your device
- Load locations from GPX- or KML-files via iTunes
- Define new locations using heading services (compass)
- GPS accuracy indicator
- Display coordinates and units in your preferred format
- Input format of coordinates is recognized automatically and independent of your preferred display format
- Time calculations respect daylight saving time
- Database of about 250 cities