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Monster Coloring

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Monster Coloring introduces few unique concepts in coloring which makes the app really fun. First of all, the monsters are absolutely gorgeous and kids will have fun decorating them with their favorite colors. As you tap the screen, the color spreads with the same effect as if one poured colored liquid in a hollow stencil. Also, the colors sparkle while filling the picture and we can say with certainty that this app will keep the kids mesmerized for hours at a time. Here are some of the salient features of this app:

✔ Awesome monsters: The monsters are both cute and funny. There are 30+ monsters in the app to keep your kids busy for hours at a time.

✔ Liquid flood fill: As you tap the screen, the colors "spread" into the picture as if you are pouring colors in a hollow stencil. This aspect is really unique to our app and makes the app really fun for kids of all ages.

✔ Musical coloring: As the screen is being painted sparkles fly and musical notes play in the background.

✔ Live Thumbnails: Once you are happy with the painting, you can save it for loading it later. We have made an organizer where you can preview the live thumbnails of all your favorite monsters.

✔ Saving and Sharing: You can also save the colored fairies in the photo album or email it to your friends.