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Orchid Care Quiz

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Learn about common problems and possible solutions
to keep your orchids beautiful and healthy through this
interesting test.

If you are an orchid newbie, I highly recommend that
you do this quiz to learn the types of orchids and their
care before taking the plunge.

Growing happy and healthy orchids is not hard, just different.
Once you understand the conditions that orchids need,
they aren’t much harder to grow than other houseplants.

These beautiful plants are often misunderstood, they
can be very simple and easy to grow if provided the
proper water, light, humidity, temperature and fertilizer
for their specific variety. Growing orchids can be a
deeply satisfying hobby.

The myth that taking care of orchids is very difficult is
due to the fact that there are some species and hybrids
that may require some experience on the part of the
gardeners. However, the vast majority of orchids are
very easy to care, with only a little knowledge and basic
care. Today we'll give you some basic information to
take care of common varieties of orchids.

Enjoy and learn at the same time with the funny quiz.

This app about orchid has been created under the knowledge of the orchid expert Ramón Martín.


1. Useful tips for orchid care through the answers.
2. Share your score worldwide if you want.
3. Very addictive.
4. Facebook integration to post directly on your Facebook wall!
5. Send email to your friends.

Enjoy playing this quiz.