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K-1 Phonics

  • Education
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K-1 Phonics is the first in a series of apps designed for teachers.

History: Teachers have always strived to keep anecdotal notes on their students, know the skills students should know for their grade level, and track student progress. Many have tried sticky notes that end up on your shoe, labels that never get filed on the correct student page, or the six inch binder that you lug around, flipping through quickly to find the student’s section before you lose the teachable moment. All exercises in frustration!

Solution: With this app teachers now have a way to:
- Know their skills for their grade level (as well as editing to add additional skills)
- Track student progress both as individuals and within groups
- Identify groups based on common goals and strengths
- Identify the instructional adjustments for individual student needs
- Build and track group progress
- Keep anecdotal notes for students and groups
- Create reports that are readily available

- Edit and change your class roster from year to year
- Start with a pre-existing list of skills
- Capability to edit/add/delete skills- identified by grade level
- Data gathered for skills is collected by individual student or in a group setting
- All data gathered is accessible by student
- Reports are generated by student or groups
- Reports are generated by date, status, or summary of progress over time