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SleepNotes - Lifestyle administrator in your pockets.

iPhone / iPad
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  • Medical
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[About this app]
The "Sleep Notes" was made based on "sleep-wake rhythm table" currently used in the hospital in Japan.
We can help you better your health and lifestyle.

It is very important to acquire the correlation for oneself by recording trivial movements, such as sleep, feeling, and activity, about "how much sleeping hours influence feeling", "what kind of influence not eating a meal to have on feeling", etc.

[feature 1] The minimum input
Because apps you use every day, we have focused on ease of use.
You simply enter the information you want to record only, you can look back at the list view firmly.

[feature 2] Required sufficient input item
You will be able to record the actions of various everyday.
- Bedtime and wake-up time
- Use Time of sleeping drug
- Satisfaction of sleep
State of mind and body
- Morning, noon, evening, today's mood
- Conditions
- Regular Drug
Events and Activities
- Activity of a jogging, play, work, etc
- Start time and duration of activity
- Abdominal pain events, such as the use medicine
(There is also a preset data) you can register your favorite activities and events.
- Recording of snacking, breakfast, lunch, dinner
- Calorie intake
- Meal-satisfaction

[feature 3] Free counters
Such as working hours and the number of sit-ups,
Numbers such as the number and time of your choice
(There is also a preset data) that can be recorded as long as you like.

[feature 4] easy-to-read/write multiple-purpose Memos
You can freely record notes (that you felt that you were thinking, and advice you received from your doctor).
You can look back on the notes that you entered in the list view.

[feature 5] Backup
Using iTunes, you can save to your PC or Mac registration data.

[For those who are worried about the lifestyle]
When the performance of your work does not come out, do not you want to know whether you have what kind of life?
Knowing the pattern of life Conversely, when your performance is out, do not you want to know why work?
Let's look back on the life pattern.

[To those who are worried about eating habits]
Let's input a rough calorie.
When inputting a calorie, let's care about what calorie he is taking in.
Probably, what takes movement and record of weight simultaneously will be good.
It would be a good thing to try and keep a record of the weight and exercise.

[To the direction which is not excellent in a feeling]
Let's collect objective data, and when in good condition, and when bad, look back upon what you was doing.
The "sleep Notes" gets used to usage as assistance for recovering the condition of such as depression, bipolar disorder, sleep disorder, and a panic disorder.