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Ht Calendar

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Make schedules, connect people.

Manage your contacts and their events. Enjoy planning on a compact one-screen page.

The main point of our app is to pay attention to both people and their events equally.

With this app you won’t get any difficulties with organizing people through linking them to events they’re participating in. You’ll also find useful the option that allows you to shift people from one event to other.

Your tablet is a managing tool and it’s always at hand wherever you are. Having answered a call, you can update and adjust your schedule immediately.


✓ Unlimited number of contacts
✓ E-mail invitations
✓ No Ads


✓ Apple Calendar integration
Synchronize your events and related contacts with Apple Calendar and then save it in iCloud

✓ Apple Contacts integration
Use your contacts from address book. You don’t have to add contacts manually. Just use the import option.

✓ Event Invitations
Tap on a button to send invitations to all participants

✓ Person invitations
Send schedule to a selected person

✓ Add contacts
You can add new contacts manually if you want.
Create an event and set its category

✓ Link contacts with the event
Do it directly or shift them from a different event

✓ Shift contacts from one event to the other
Choose an event then shift linked contacts to the other event.

✓ Limit the number of contacts for events
Work only with vacant events if you want.

✓ Track payments
Track the contacts or the events if there’s any linked payment to be done.

✓ Copy events, days and weeks

✓ Nice icons for Retina screens