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What's Faster? LITE Cars- Ultimate Speed, Puzzle and Trivia Fun Game

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Have you ever wondered what's faster?

A Ferrari or Fiat?
A BMW or a Bugatti?
A Bald Eagle or a Peregrine Falcon?
A Boeing 747 Aircraft or an Airbus A380?
A Great White Shark or a Killer Whale?
An M1-Abrams Tank or a Hummer SUV?

What about mashing them up?

Is a Cheetah Faster than the Wright Brothers Plane?
How about an Apache Helicopter vs. an Aston Martin?

What’s Faster is the interactive game suitable for all ages that puts players in the driver’s seat. It’s a race between two objects—you try and determine which one is faster. Players choose from categories such as cars, motorcycles, aircraft, jets, tanks, animals, fish, athletes, helicopters, roller coasters and much more.

This Lite Cars version includes cars and motorcycles. To be able to earn other rounds you must upgrade inside the app to the full version.

The game comes with an astounding 625,000 comparisons so the game is always fresh and new.

In addition to the fun of comparing speeds, the app also includes interesting facts about every item in the game to help you learn about the world of speed. Radar guns built into the game help players get out of a jam by clocking the speeds and getting a hint to whats faster.

The game idea came from William, an eight year old boy always asking his father, “Dad, what’s faster a Mercedes Benz or a Lamborghini, a F-16 jet or a Russian Mig-25 fighter, a Ford GT or a Chevy Corvette?” The father and son worked hard for almost a year and developed the ultimate comparison game that helps you understand how fast the world around us moves.

For an in-app purchase, get access to an online research tool which allows you to learn and explore at your own pace all the items in the game by taking you to the best sites on the internet. Also, if you run out of the 10 included radar guns, more are available for an in-app purchase.

A percent of the app profits go to a good cause in North Texas. What’s Faster donates funds to help single parents and widows in need with auto care and the purchasing of a new vehicle for their family.

Thanks for your support! Let’s figure out What’s Faster!!!