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FontysPresenter enables you to control a PowerPoint presentation on your PC with an iPad in an interactive non-linear fashion. It provides communication with the viewing audience in a number of different ways, enabling presentation co-creation and audience interventions.

FontysPresenter supports:
- Wireless control of the presentation PC through wifi
- View of the current slide
- Browsing of all the slides and jumping to any slide of choice (non-linear presentations)
- A timer with a visible clue of the presentation time
- Notes which can be altered and saved to the PPT on the PC
- Links in the PPT can be previewed on the iPad and presented fullscreen on the presentation PC
- PPT Embedded YouTube movies can be started fullscreen on the presentation PC.

The audience can connect to the presentation of FontysPresenter with FontysViewer. This enables:
- An interest meter per slide controlled by the audience
- Sending (internet)links to FontysPresenter which can be previewed on the iPad and inserted in the presentation in realtime
- Sending a question to FontysPresenter
- Sending out a poll to the audience from within the PPT. The resulting answers can be displayed as a graph in the presentation
- Giving the audience a handout of the slides used and in the order they’re used
- The FontysViewer app can connect to the presentation by scanning a QR-code which FontysPresenter generates on demand as the first slide.

Requirements: A Microsoft Windows PC with Microsoft PowerPoint (Polls will work from version 2007 and up)