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Go Go Redball

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A beautiful, simple ball bouncing game. You toss a red rubber ball around the screen and it bounces realistically with a satisfying *bop*.

It's fun, and you won't tear your hair out. Probably.

It's a really simple game: there are a few rooms to bounce the ball in, each offers a unique mini-game and a different colored ball. In some the ball bounces with a different sound, as it would in reality (sounds were hand recorded using dozens of different rubber balls on several different surfaces).

That simplicity is the heart of Go Go Redball. Bouncing a ball is soothing and relaxing, allowing the mind to wander. As it does, creativity takes over. It's a great way to relive stress or solve nagging problems.

This game is easy to pick up but not difficult to master; in fact, you probably mastered it years ago, in your youth, when life itself was simpler.

- Four Mini-games of increasing difficulty.
- Minimalist, focused physics gameplay.
- Perfected graphics; realistic soft shadows.
- Open world. Endless replayability.
- Simplicity. No cross-promos, IAP or social tie-ins.