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Talking Wolffy

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HI, Hello everyone, I am a big stupid wolf! I am a wounded wolf, no one hurt, unloved, singing, being scolded out of tune, dancing, others thought I was jumping ghost! I just want to let the children happy, everyone says I have been Big Ben Wolf, I think that I have been smart wolf! Because I'm always thinking of their children every day and play with me are happy, I am not afraid of kids torture me, I'm afraid the kids ignore me, do not ignore me, okay?

Perhaps you think I'm not as common, even the cat could talk ". This blame me! I blame clumsy, sometimes hearing a little problem! Total less listen to a word. And sometimes do not know what his master you speak to me! I sin! I repent! I was facing the wall!

When I'm facing the wall, I'm trying to change themselves, in this version, you can point to any part of my body, I will care about you.

I watch the Chinese people show up, I think they are so great! It was truly amazing! So I change the sound inside of people together to learn change the sound, I can imitate the female voice, the sound of the elderly, Pig sound, as well as a small duck sound. Children I'm still learning to imitate the bad, do not use watermelon lost me.

"Avatars" the latest features: in this version which I went emoticons photo shop, took a lot of photos and want to share and children, the children can use my photos and anything around you can link can make you feel I'm on your side, you can put my avatar, set in someone else's head above, you can see I'm with you.

I hope you kids like me, you have any good suggestions, give me a message yo!

Love you big stupid wolf!