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Crayon Baby for iPad is out! And it’s developed by an actual father of his baby!

Crayon Baby for iPad keeps the same great crayon drawing experience as previous title CrayonCrayon.
A lot of thoughts popped into my mind as I watch my baby play with CrayonCrayon.

Need more colors!!!

Need more detailed methods to draw!!!

Need to draw more creatively!!!

All of these ideas went into the creation of CrayonCrayon baby.

Easy shapes for kids to color in.
Various characters based on simple shapes.
Four different ways to color a single character.
Encourages using more colors.
‘Medal Stamp System’ for developing a good coloring habits.

We decided not to include an eraser function after actual usage testing on kids.

We found there are many cases where kids get frustrated when accidently erase some parts they did not mean to. We wanted to avoid of giving unnecessary stress to the kids.

*Same color impressions as real life crayons
*Little Star System which helps kids to finish their coloring
*Medal Stamp System which encourages kids to use various colors
*Provides real-life sized character images for easy to follow examples
*16 different save slots per character
*Includes 36 characters which totals to 115 character images