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word is sound of the mind.
letter is picture of the mind.

Hangul, it has spirit and life of the nation.
Hangulggol which celebrated its 20th year anniversary this year has been experimenting and researching for the originality and practicality of Hangul from the view of designer.
members develop Hangul fonts and open various exhibitions. also every week we learn and announce each other about hangul typography. through this experimental research we are always seeking for the development of hangul typography. we will continue the research for hangul and typography design.

this app is a collection of the works from typography group 'hangulggol' in Hongik Visual Communication Design. it includes works for 20 years since 1992.

annual spring exhibition :
every year we exhibit new hangul font designs by the members. the designs are based on the experiment and research of the originality and practicality of Hangul.

group union exhibition of Hoingik Visual Communication Design.

Hanul :
Hanul is a annual union hangul typography group of various typography groups by university students. 'han' means one, hangul, large etc. and 'ul' means the fence.

Ganadara :
book of investigation. Observation. Analysis. Interpretation all about hangul by hangulggol. book of Synthesis. Culture. Art. Entertainment all about hangul by hangulggol. there are people who treat hangul as a means of refinement, also for others hangul could be the purpose itself. through all these, we are trying to see hangul in our own sight. consequentially it is an attempt and an experiment to provide a new perspective and vision for hangul.