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Absurd - The Comedy Based Card Game

iPhone / iPad
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A fast-paced comedy card game fueled by the freaky humor of you and your friends. Fire back answers to far out prompts to make your friends laugh and win their votes. Build your deck from hundreds of cards. Collect cards ranging from rare to ultra rare to just bizarre. Match wits with friends and foes for hilarious online multiplayer action. Perfect for a quick game or hours of play, Absurd lets you show off your funny side and rewards you for not making sense.

Absurd’s multiplayer game play is so simple it’s addictive, but the laughs come from you. Absurd throws out a random question, category or fill-in-the-blank, and you and your friends hustle to answer with cards from your deck, then vote on the winner for each round. An average match lasts minutes, but with collectible cards and the ability to customize your deck, Absurd gives you trillions of ways to keep your friends laughing for hours!

Earn free TinyBucks every minute you’re in the game, plus bonus bucks for winning or placing in matches. TinyBucks translate to more cards, including coveted ultra-rare cards to perfect your deck. Plus you can use TinyBucks to buy a bigger hand and draw extra cards to get an edge on the competition. You even earn tons of TinyBucks when you’re not playing.

Stock up a deep library of cards and then build the deck that best expresses your inner weird. Or select a totally G-rated deck so you can play against your mom. Your call. Incidentally, all Absurd cards are innocent enough that kids can play. That double entendre? All in your mind, my friend.

A hand runs like this:

You get a prompt: “Best name for a three-legged, one eyed dog.” You check the cards in your hand to see what answer will crack your friends up. Maybe it’s Bromance? Or Security Blanket? Or maybe you want to spend some TinyBucks to add a card or two. You’ve only got seconds to decide! Play your card, then see your friends’ answers (anonymously, of course) and vote on your favorite.

Can you collect every rare and ultra-rare card? Can you make your friends snarf various liquids out of their various noses?

Absurd is ready to take over your iPhone. Provided you’ve got some iOS6 and a bit of Game Center to make it feel at home. Custom-designed 100% retina graphics and superfast game play make for a slick ride whether you’re playing a quick hand on the bus or settling in on the couch for hours of hilarity.

Fast-paced, funny as all get out, personalized and just plain strange, Absurd is the game that helps your phone translate your off-the-wall thoughts into hours of laughs. It’s the official comedy card game of the weird. Normals need not apply.

•Hilarious multiplayer online gameplay (3 or 4 players per match!)
•Collectible cards and customizable decks!
•Collect every card, common, rare and the coveted ultra-rare cards!
•Manage your deck - Move cards from your library to your deck to fine tune your experience and make your friends laugh!
•Use TinyBucks to buy a bigger hand and draw extra cards to get an edge on the competition!
•Win TinyBucks if you finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd!
•Online leaderboards and challenges to compete with friends and foes online through Game Center!
•Achievements - Can you complete them all?
•Fully iPhone 5 compatible!
•100% Retina graphics!
•Free TinyBucks every minute you’re inside the game!
•Get Tons of free TinyBucks every day even while you’re not playing!
•Perfect for pick up and play gaming (average match time is only a few minutes)
•Deep enough to spend hours tweaking your deck and playing with friends!
•Never gets old! Trillions of combinations keeps play fresh!
•New questions and expansion card sets added all the time
•Requires Game Center and an iOS device running iOS 6+

Credits: Direction/Design - Nicholas Iannone | Coding - Abey Mullassery & Nicholas Iannone | Writing - Bob Proehl & Nicholas Iannone