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Linx Access

iPhone / iPad
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Configuration and Diagnostics Tool for the LiNX Wheelchair System


Use the LiNX Access iOS tool on your iPod touch or iPhone in combination with an authorised LiNX Access Key to configure wheelchair performance parameters for the Dynamic Controls LiNX wheelchair control system.

Key features for Authorised Users
Wireless connectivity creates an entirely new experience as you can easily interact with the wheelchair as it moves around.
Graphical programming that provides an intuitive interface for programming wheelchair performance with touch and drag control points
Live Diagnostics provides real time graph data for key wheelchair performance such as joystick demand, motor current and battery status
Live Edit enables wheelchair performance configuration changes to instantly write to the wheelchair* so you can rapidly create the ride experience you want.
Wheelchair diagnostic information is updated instantly to the LiNX Access iOS tool as errors occur or are resolved.
Pair once with your LiNX Access Key and then use this to quickly connect to any LiNX system via the XLR port.
LiNX Access iOS wheelchair configuration files (.lci) are also compatible with the LiNX Access PC tool.

Authorised users are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their approved Distribution channels (Dealers/Providers, Therapists and Wheelchair Service Technicians). Non-authorised users can use the tool to read wheelchair configuration and diagnostic information from a stored file through the default access level.

Access Levels
Default = the ability to receive a LiNX wheelchair file via email, or other file exchange methods, to view read-only Distributor level configuration and diagnostics information.
Distributor = the ability to connect to a LiNX wheelchair system via a distributor level LiNX Access Key (DLX-HKEY01-A) to read and configure basic wheelchair performance parameters.
Manufacturer = the ability to connect to a LiNX wheelchair system via a manufacturer level LiNX Access Key (DLX-HKEY02-A) to read and configure high level wheelchair performance parameters.


Read the LiNX Access User Manual as well as Installation Manual(s) of the System / Controller / Module as applicable before configuring a controller.

Performance adjustments should only be made by healthcare professionals, or by persons who completely understand the parameter settings, the adjustment process, the configuration of the vehicle, and the capabilities of the driver. Inappropriate settings can make the vehicle uncontrollable or unstable. An uncontrollable or unstable vehicle can cause an unsafe situation such as a crash, with the risk of serious injury to the driver or bystanders, or damage to the vehicle or surrounding property.

It is possible to set the configuration tools to write each parameter change instantly to a wheelchair without cycling power. When using the ‘Live Edit’ mode, users should be aware that the performance of the wheelchair will be instantly changed.

* Note: Safety critical configuration parameters are excluded from the Live Edit function.