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Kinesiology Taping Method HD

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The Kinesiology Taping HD app is a must have clinical reference for health practitioners of every kind and even active people wanting to take control of their own health! Graphically beautiful, easy to follow and convenient for quick referencing, this clinical application is a fantastic and therapeutic resource when working with patients.

Physical/physio therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, energy workers, medical doctors and massage therapists alike will enjoy video tutorials explaining over 50 of the most common conditions with multiple application techniques for each condition!

This app brings together the "best of" techniques for each condition from the most popular tape manufacture recommendations available in the world today. Over 200 techniques!!!

Although Kinesiology Taping methods began in Japan in the early 1970's, the methods first gained notoriety when kinesiology tape rolls were donated to 58 countries during the 2008 Beijing Games and Sumo wrestlers were sporting it. Now in 2012, the majority of athletes were wearing their applications in the London Games! Sportsmen and women have sported various types of elastic therapeutic tape and clinicians all over the world swear by the therapeutic and enhancement effects!

Included in app:
- Varying video tutorials for each condition
- Pathology education for each condition
- Buying guide on the best tapes out there
- Video tutorials on cutting, preparing and applying tape
- Beautifully designed and easy to navigate