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CardsMETA – the #1 training app for memorizing playing cards! Amaze your friends and family with your skills and be fully prepared to compete in memory competitions.

The app present you with shuffled sets of cards. Your task is to memorize the order of the cards and recall them with a 100% score. It’s breathtaking, it’s fun, and it keeps your brain young and flexible! CardsMETA (META stands for MEmorize Them All) is your perfect companion on the road or on the couch.

For less than the price of two (physical) decks of cards you have the perfect training companion in your pocket.

Features include:
- Store hints for cards to build your personal PAO (Person-Action-Object) system.
- Practice memorizing with subsets of cards, for example just hearts, just clubs or 10 random cards.
- Optionally show your hints while practicing, to receive maximum training effect.
- Test your skills on full deck of cards or subsets. Record your time.
- Recall test scores and see your best times.
- Replay earlier sets of cards.
- Choose from different card themes/graphics.
- Tips on how to build your PAO system and recommended reading.

Please notice – This is NOT a game. Admitted, it’s FUN, but it’s not a game. CardsMETA is a training app, aimed at serious mental athletes who want to enhance their skills in playing speed cards (memorize cards in as little time as possible then recall the correct order of the cards).

If you like playing brain games, counting cards while playing blackjack or just want to have fun, CardsMETA is the perfect app for you. Why not leave a positive rating in the App Store?

Why is this app not free?
One word (OK three, actually). We Hate Advertising. We don’t like (free) apps that pop up random ads every other turn of a page or flick of a finger. While we understand there may be a market for such apps and people are willing to undergo the torture of popup ads to spare a buck or two, WE don’t want to deliver such apps.

Therefore we decided early on in the design process that our apps would never be ad-based. In order to cover the development and hosting costs we charge a small fee. We appreciate your understanding.
If you disagree, please contact us and let us know!

Future releases:
CardsMETA aims to deliver a complete training environment for mental athletes. In this first (initial) release the concept of speed cards was covered. In future releases we plan to add training possibilities for the following features:

- Memorization of random numbers (0-9).
- Memorization of random digits (0-1).
- Memorization of random words.
- Memorization of Names and faces.
- Support for different languages (currently English only).
- Enhanced features.
- Share your scores on Facebook or Twitter.

If you have any further new feature suggestions or tips on how to enhance CardsMETA, don’t hesitate to contact us!