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Tai Chi 17 Intro

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The “Tai Chi 17 Intro” app contains samples taken directly from the complete version. Learning Tai Chi has never been easier. Get started today with this free trial. Download and try it.

Tai Chi exercises are known to reduce stress, improve flexibility and overall mind and body health. The “Tai Chi 17” app offers an effective program designed as an introductory course to learn according to the Tai Chi Form of Master Moy Lin-Shin. Using high-tech multi-media, Master Moy’s disciple Ben Chung was able to recreate a class environment and has made learning Tai Chi without a teacher possible.

Special features:

• Walk around observation for correct posture of beginning and end positions.
• 3 camera angles: front, back and side view. Ensuring clear vision of body position at any given time during the move.
• Videos will play in a loop until you stop it.
• Self assessment to gauge your progress.
• Clear audio instruction throughout the app to keep you focused.
• Also includes foundation exercises to help acquire good practice habits.
• Common mistakes section to correct your position in real-time.

How to best learn tai chi with this app.

We recommend trying the Foundation Exercises first (the extra stretching ones are optional). These exercises introduce principles that are used in the set and allow you to work on them without having to think about stepping at the same time. There is no assessment for these exercises, just familiarize yourself with the principles. It is a good idea to do these exercises at the beginning of each session. Read through the Vocabulary section (on the Header bar of each move) so that the terms are familiar when you see them in the Step By Step instructions.

Look at and read and/or listen to the Start Posture, Step By Step instructions, Common Mistakes and End Posture. You are now ready to try the move. Play the Practice With Me video - it will repeat until you tell it to stop, giving you a chance to try the move as many times as you need to feel that you have mastered it. If you are past the first move, it is also helpful to try the Practice From 1st Move video which allows you to pull it all together. Before taking the Self Assessment, review the Common Mistakes section.

Some of the health benefits from practicing Tai Chi regularly:

• Improved flexibility
• Better balance
• Improved cardiovascular function and motor function
• Reduction in pain and muscle tension
• Better sleep
• Increased energy
• Reduction in stress