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StageWrite: Events

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Plan the perfect event with this revolutionary app designed for event planners. Easily plan the complex movements of all the moving elements of an event or convention: venue set-up, table formations, scenic elements, guest list, guest seating. 


StageWrite's simple set up gives you all the tools you'll need to plan and create your event.

Set up the dimensions of your event venue. Upload the event space drawings or draw your own structural elements with our easy-to-use drawing tool. Add tables, couches, buffet tables, bar, pipe and drape, all at the proper dimension so you know how your event will look, how many tables you can fit for the perfect flow to your event.

Simply enter the number of guests, select the shape and size of table you wish to use and the table wizard will automatically populate the tables in the venue for you to assign seats to.

Enter the names of the guests and then simply 'drag and drop' the guest to the table where you want them to sit. You can re-arrange and arrange the seating chart until you're happy with the layout. The app will automatically print your guest list for guest check-in.


Create a unique PERFORMER ICON for performer or VIP that you want to track during your event. Choose a shape, color, and text label for each performer. The icons are stored in the 'green room' until you need them on stage. With a simple tap you add the performer to the stage and then simply drag them into the correct position. 


With the StageWrite drawing tool, you can easily do-it-yourself and draw your own scenic units and platforms using the StageWrite catalogue of scenic elements, or you can easily import the drawings of the designer. Everything is scaled to your venue’s dimensions.


Now, you're ready to create dynamic and accurate event layout. Simply:
- place the guests at their assigned table, set pieces into position for any specific moment in the event.
- draw arrows to show any traffic patterns for guests or scenic elements.

- add notes, text boxes to describe any additional detail about staging, pathways, or movement.

- rotate objects on the chart for correct facing.

- create duplicate charts


Your work is automatically saved as you go. You can also save alternate versions of the event with a simple 'save as..' function. If you choose to, you can easily share your charts with other members of your team. You can:

- Easily scroll through the charts by swiping from chart to chart, or jump to a different scene by viewing it on your iPad.

- Save each chart, each scene, or the entire production as a PDF so you can print, share with collaborators, etc.

- Send a PDF to the catering office so they can set up the event correctly.

- Create a back-up your charts on your computer each time you sync your iPad with computer.