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DroLT is the free version of Dro for iPad, a great drawing application. If you are an artist who would like to utilize iPad to create drawings and keep them in an art book providing space for up to 1,000 pages, if you are a student of art or a school student having an art class and would like to utilize iPad for your work, if you have a need to draw a nice painting, then this app is for you.

DroLT has all the features of Dro with these limitations:

- Drawings are watermarked with "Created with DroLT"
- DroLT book can contain three pages (compared to 1,000 for Dro)

DroLT is meant to be used as a demonstration of the features and capabilities of Dro.


- A color palette composed of 234 colors (216 web safe colors plus 18 shades of grey)

- Brush size from 1 to 48 points

- Opacity levels from 16 % to 100 %

- Ability to erase with eraser mode and Undo functionality

- Five built in Canvas backgrounds to select from (including blank)

- My Own Canvas that you can select from Photo Library

- Adding Shapes to your drawing (Lines, Rectangles and Ellipses)

- Sending the current drawing page by email as a png image file

- Page navigator buttons allowing navigation through DroLT book pages with an upper limit of 3 pages