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A Litte Mouse:Fruit Express-PreschoolMath

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Hi, I am the messenger of Fruit Express, and now I’m going to deliver gifts to kids. But, where can I get the gifts? Where should I deliver the gifts to? I need your help.
The base of math is counting, which is easy and fun for children of any age. The ascending and descending method can help children speed up their calculating speed and get the correct answer. Combining with this learning method, we design a simple and fun math game---Fruit Express. Children need to use the ascending and descending method to help fruit messenger deliver the gifts to customers.
The game is divided into two modes with hundreds of questions。After learning through a series of math games, your kids will become more and more interested in math and their computing ability and speed will be quickly improved.
There are a lot of ways to learn calculation. It’s very helpful for training kids’ thinking, reaction, analysis and operability to let them study math with a variety of calculation methods. Learning by games can help kids maintain interest in math. We have summarized some simple and flexible ways of learning maths and designed dedicated learning games:
1. Number composition method: help kids master the composition of numbers and be able to calculate quickly - Delicious Numbers 1 (released);
2. Addition and subtraction of real objects: make kids calculate real objects corresponding to numbers- Delicious Numbers 2 (released);
3. Counting calculation method: help kids use counting to calculate directly- Go to the Supermarket (released);
4. Ascending and descending method: help kids learn calculation by direct ascending or descending of numbers - Fruit Express(released);
5. Vertical calculation method: help kids learn calculation by combining abacus principle with vertical form- Fruit Acrobatic Troupe(released) ;