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Lumo Back: Real-Time Posture Feedback

iPhone / iPad
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Lumo Back is a posture & movement feedback system. Use the Lumo Back sensor and app to:

- Get real-time posture feedback delivered directly to your back and to your phone
- Track your posture and reduce slouching over time
- Track the number of hours you sit each day
- Track the number of times you stand up each day
- Track your steps walking, running, distance traveled, and calories burned
- Track the hours you sleep and your sleep positions

The Lumo Back sensor gently vibrates when you slouch from your lower back and the app gives you real-time feedback on your posture as you sit and stand. The Lumo avatar in the app mirrors your daily activities. Just watch Lumo! If he's green, you're good!

Lumo Back 3.0 puts your posture and movement data front and center in beautiful new Insight Tiles. See how you’re doing today at a glance, and tap each tile to see your progress over days, weeks, and months. Are you sitting down? Well stand up and be counted! Lumo is now counting calories and how many times you stand up each day!

Sitting and standing straight can relieve pain, improve health, and inspire mobility. Watch Lumo to see how you’re doing right now and watch your Posture Score to see how your posture has improved over time.

How many times have you stood up today? Lumo knows! Even if you work at a desk all day you can improve your health and your life simply by standing up more often. Don’t just sit there! Get up and go!

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. How many hours do you spend each day at your computer, on the couch, or in the car? Lumo automatically tracks the hours you spend sitting so you can sit less each day.

While you’re up out of your seat, you might as well trot over to the water cooler. Track the number of steps you’ve walked, the number of steps you’ve run, the distance you’ve traveled and the calories you’ve burned over the course of the day. Lumo’s personalized calibration algorithms adapt to your body type and seamlessly track your movements from your core--the most accurate place to measure steps.

Track the hours you spend sleeping and the positions you sleep in. If you have back or shoulder pain, you know that the position you sleep in at night can make a big difference in how you feel in the morning. Find out what’s happening under the covers with Lumo.