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Free Mold Inspection

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How does Free Mold Inspection App work?
It's super simple! Take a picture of a mold problem, add your comments and send to Mold Busters. We will provide you with a free advice and quote.

Mold Busters is the worlds leading mold inspection company. Since 2005 we have been providing Ottawa-Gatineau, Montreal, Toronto, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with the most comprehensive mold inspection services and the fastest results.

A mold inspection is useful for many reasons:
1) If you are purchasing a new home, a mold inspection can help you avoid buying a home with a hidden structural problem.
2) Similarly, if you are selling your home, a mold inspection can help you.
3) Mold inspections can also help families who are happy in their homes determine whether their air quality is being compromised by some hidden mold problem.
Often, a mold inspection will reveal an underlying moisture problem in the house: past flooding, water damage, cracks in the foundation, leaky pipes, a poor ventilation system, leaks in roofing, poor insulation, or general high relative humidity.

*Mold or Mould
Don't be surprised if you see the word "mold" spelled two different ways: Either like this, M-O-L-D, or like this, M-O-U-L-D. The way you spell it is most likely dependent on where you live, and even dates back centuries to how words were pronounced since the 15th century. If you live in the United States, you'll find that words that typically were spelled with "ou" are shortened to just "o". This would apply to words like color, flavor, honor, harbor and so on. The "Americanized" versions of those words all drop the "u". Places that have heavy British influence, such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, etc. would most likely use the "ou" spellings of words, including the word "mould". Now in places like Canada, which has both British influence and yet proximity to the United States, you're likely to find both spellings of the word used. No matter how you spell it though, mold is problem. Here and around the world!