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Google Wallet

Google Wallet is an easier way to pay in stores, pay your friends and pay online.

* Send and request money easily in the US
* Digitize your gift cards by taking a picture of the card, front and back, or typing in the card info. Sync gift card balance in real-time for participating merchants.
* Manage your loyalty programs and offers right on your phone
* Get the Google Wallet Card to spend your Wallet Balance anywhere MasterCard is accepted in the US
* Track your online orders, get notified when they’re shipped, plus view your order history in one place

Stay protected when shopping or sending money

* For security, you can lock your app with a Google Wallet PIN, plus we provide 24/7 fraud monitoring
* If your device is lost or stolen, you can easily disable the Google Wallet app online or by calling our 24/7 support number at 1-855-G-WALLET (1-855-492-5538)

The Google Wallet app uses your location to show you nearby loyalty programs, stores that accept your gift cards and more. If you would like to turn this feature off, please go to the Privacy section of the iOS Settings app.

Google Wallet works on devices with iOS 6.0+. Have questions or feedback? Call us at 1-855-G-WALLET (1-855-492-5538).

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