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Initial download is $0.99, which includes one year’s service/access to Geo-Fenced No Carry Zones. This is a limited time offering as CWA’s annual service is typically $9.99. Currently there are over 50,000 manually edited Geo Fenced No Carry Zones. Reference Coverage Areas for state specific information. National coverage with regard to Airports and Pro Sports Complexes currently exists. New zones are continually being added at a rapid pace.


In 2012, 1,543 firearms were confiscated by TSA screeners from 199 airports. (February 28th, 2013)
These incidents were just airports! What about Post Offices, Courthouses, Schools, Stadiums, etc.? “Sorry, I forgot,” probably won’t help much! CWA minimizes the likelihood of carry violations for less than a typical box of ammunition.

Along with rights come responsibilities! We have a constitutional right to carry arms and with this right, citizens bear the weight of responsibility. If we don’t carry responsibly the 2nd Amendment right will continue to be challenged. Knowing federal and state specific carry laws are only part of the solution. In many cases, carry violations are committed by knowledgeable people who simply forgot they were carrying a firearm. Knowing the law isn’t always enough…


Geo-Fenced Zones covering over 200 major airports in all 50 states
Geo-Fenced Zones covering over 100 professional baseball, basketball, football and hockey stadiums

FLORIDA - All 67 Counties with Geo-Fenced Coverage including Private/Public Schools, Colleges, Airports, Train Stations, Sea Ports, Stadiums, Post Offices, Courthouses, Law Enforcement Agencies Federal Buildings and Military Installations. Over 12,000 Geo-Fenced locations in Florida.
GEORGIA - All 159 counties with manually edited Geo-Fenced No Carry Zones including, Airports, Post Offices, Courthouses, Public Schools, Private Schools, Colleges/Universities, Stadiums, and Military Installations.
VIRGINIA - All 95 counties with Geo-Fenced No Carry Zones including Airports, Post Offices, Public Schools, Colleges, Federal Courthouses, County Courthouses, and Military Installations.
SOUTH CAROLINA - No Carry Zone (Purple Pins) identification in all 46 counties. Manually edited Geo-Fenced No Carry Zones including Airports, Courthouses, Post Offices, Public Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, and Military Installations. Manually edited Geo-Fenced No Carry Zones primarily concentrated in Charleston, Spartanburg, and Greenville Counties. Geo-Fenced zones are being added in all 46 counties continually.


IMMEDIATE AUDIBLE AND VIBRATORY ALERTS - Alerts subscribers upon entering thousands of no carry zones
PROHIBITED CARRY ZONES MAP - CWA contains a map indicative of your position and prohibited carry zones, along with details of each location
EMAIL AND/OR TEXT NOTIFICATIONS - In addition to the immediate alert, text and/or email features can be enabled
STATE SPECIFIC STATUTES - Direct links to state specific statutes regarding carrying concealed weapons