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*Learn addition facts in a visual, tactile way!"

Drag puzzle pieces into place to learn your addition facts with TractorMath - and discover fun items hidden around the farm! TractorMath has four different farm scenes, which appear as the player works through the addition problems. Dragging the correct pieces into place rewards the player with being able to click on different items in the scene. The barn opens to reveal a horse (or zebra), the silo pops popcorn, and the sun turns into a pirate! A wrong answer is immediately obvious, when the game visually overlays it with the correct answer.

TractorMath comes with three addition problem sets (0 to 10, five problems max; 0 to 10, 10 problems max; and 0 to 20, 10 problems max). The four farm scenes contain over 80 different animations, keeping the fun factor high! Parents or teachers can customize the number of problems, number of choices presented to the player, and whether the player can skip around to different fact "families", or must do the problems in order.

TractorMath takes the age-old teaching method of "copy work" (Billy, copy this sentence on the board 10 times), and combines it with the intuitive, tactile interface of the iPhone or iPad, and infuses it with animated fun. TractorMath is also designed to accommodate the learning styles of those with autism or other learning disorders through the principle of "errorless teaching", by providing primarily visual prompts and rewards, and by avoiding distracting negative prompts. TractorMath's use of visually unique puzzle pieces make it accessible for very young children, or others just learning their numbers, and dragging the puzzle pieces into the correct place provides great fine motor practice, as well as practice crossing the midline.