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Korean Food Facts (for trips to Korea 한국 음식 소개)

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  • Education
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"Like the pics & background intro This is a good guide to Korean food. Good explanations and background into the dish, with really nice photos."

• Overview
Learn Korean Food Facts quickly with this essential pocket guide to Korean food.

• Dishes Covered
- Beef (쇠고기)
- Pork (돼지)
- Chicken (닭)
- Duck (오리)
- Seafood (해물)

• Bonus Categories:
- Kimchi, Sauces, Sides and Pastes

• User Reviews
"Very informative! Oh man keep it up these updates are great :-D! Such an awesome food guide getting better by the day!"

"Good restaurant helper Great app if you're not familiar with Korean dishes and have to pick something at a restaurant."

"Awsome guide with nice food pics and best of all free! thanks. Best Korean food guide on the app store!"

• Summary
Tested in Korea! Whether for fun or if you are planning to visit Korea, this guide is an invaluable resource to get you started.

• Family Sharing
With iOS-8 you can now share this app with other family members at no additional cost. We openly embrace new features as family sharing and the latest devices to ensure you get the most out of our apps.

• Universal App
We don't like device specific versions and neither should you. A single download lets you install the app on all your iPhones, iPads and iPod touches with no additional purchases required.