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A virtual loyalty-card punch that replaces a standard paper loyalty-card punch. Used with iPunchCard App to wirelessly punch and redeem virtual iPunchCards for purchases and credits – provides store-branded iPunchCards that replace standard paper loyalty-cards.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This “free” App functions better with Redemption Certificates that must be PURCHASED through In-App-Purchases. Without purchasing Redemption Certificates this “free” App can only create accounts named “Demonstration Account” and only 100 iPunches can be wirelessly redeemed. Any additional iPunches must be manually redeemed until Redemption Certificates are purchased through an In-App Purchase. Please do not USE OR REVIEW this App if you do not understand and accept this limitation of the “free” App.

• Create your own branded* loyalty card programs for product sales or team interactions
• Used with companion App “iPunchCard”
• Virtual “loyalty punch-cards” using virtual punches - “iPunches”
• Wireless transmission of iPunches from store to customer
• Wireless or manual redemption of iPunches from customer to store
• Wireless uses Bluetooth or WiFi technology
• Each customer can keep loyalty cards from many different stores
• Each store can maintain multiple branded* loyalty cards – one for any line of business
• Award 1-4 iPunches in a single wireless transaction
• Redeem 1-9, 10, 20 or 30 iPunches in a single wireless redemption
• Secure yet convenient system using customer ID photo, one-time password, hash codes, checksums and timestamps
• Automatic filtering of any iPunch record lacking password hash code authenticity (screenshot 4)
• Optional inspection of iPunch records to check authenticity
• Wireless redemption requires Redemption Certificates. 100 included – additional Redemption Certificates can be purchased through In-App Purchase (cost approx. $0.005 to $0.02 per Redemption Certificate). Manual redemption is free.

* The purchase of 100 Redemption Certificates is needed to create a branded iPunchCard account with any name other than “Demonstration Account”.

iPunchStore is a “virtual loyalty card punch” App that a store uses to wirelessly provide credits (iPunches) to customers when they make purchases and then wirelessly redeem those iPunches as the customer is given a loyalty reward (e.g. a free product) for a certain number of purchases. Each store can establish its own credit/reward system. The customer uses a single corresponding App, iPunchCard (screenshot 5), to wirelessly receive, record and present for redemption the iPunches from multiple stores each with its own branded Account Name. These two Apps, iPunchCard and iPunch Store, replace the multiple paper loyalty-cards that customers carry while at the same time making it easy and convenient for stores to initiate standard or complex loyalty card programs.

A store’s customer’s iPhone, running the iPunchCard App (screenshot 5), wirelessly transmits a request for iPunches, together with a photo of the customer, (screenshot 1) to a store-owned device (iPhone or iPad) that is running this iPunchStore App. A store employee taps the number of iPunches to award to this customer and the customer wirelessly receives and records that number of iPunches on their iPhone. After accumulating a certain number of iPunches a customer can tap a ‘Redeem iPunches’ button and a redeem request will be wirelessly transmitted to a nearby store device together with a photo of the customer (screenshot 2) and the record of all unredeemed iPunches (screenshot 3) associated with the Active Store Account of the store’s device. The store can chose to redeem any number of iPunches and that number of iPunches will be automatically removed from the customer’s records on their iPhone.

Learning how to use iPunchStore is made easy by a ‘Simulate customer’ function that simulates each type of potential customer interaction.