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Indianapolis Race

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This game simulates a race on the Indianapolis circuit.

The number of racers is selectable, from 2 to 6.

The application shows a board with 54 cells disposed on a shape similar to F1 circuit
of Indianapolis, a numbered piece with a different color for each racer, and two dice,
generating random numbers when required.

At the beginning all the pieces are located in the Start position.

At each turn, the current racer hits the "Roll dice" button, and his piece is automatically
moved forward the number of steps indicated by the sum of the two dice.

The first racer who lands exactly on cell 54 is the winner.
You must arrive on field 54 by an exact count of the dice.
If you overthrow the required number, you must step forward into 54
and then move backwards the surplus number of points.
You may use the number of either of your two dice to reach field 54.
If you reach it with an exact count, it is not necessary to use the number on the second dice.
If neither of the two dice has the exact number you need to reach 54,
you must use their sum for your back track.

The racers must deal with any situation on the space landed on at their turn,
be they hazards or benefits.

Whenever you land on a field with a goose, you double your move.
That is, you advance again the sum of the dice you just rolled.

If a racer(A) landed on the field of another racer(B), this one must go back
to the starting position of racer A, i.e. they exchange their places.

There are various Special Fields:

4 If you land there, advance immediately to field 12.

19 Engine fault: you must restart from beginning.

26 Tire problems: stop 1 turn.

30 Oil puddle: you go out of track and must stop for 2 turns.

44 Crash on guardrail: go back to step 21.

51 You need assistance: go back to step 40.

The movement of the pieces, and all the described rules are automatically
managed by the application. racers only have to hit the "Roll dice" button at their turn.