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iSecret Message

iPhone / iPad
  • Social Networking
  • Productivity
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-- With this app only he/she (the intended recipient) can understand your message. Even if an irrelevant person receives your message, he/she will not be able to understand it.
-- It keeps your messages private with REAL encryption!
-- Fully compatible with iOS6 & iPhone 5!
-- Simply secure all your SMS, email and other text messages with your iPhone or iPod.
-- Encrypt your SMS and send it to people, people cannot see the plain text unless he/she knows the password.


- Create a private email or private sms message.
- Decode messages that were secured by Secret Message.
- Easy copy & paste buttons for moving text to/from other applications.
- Send encrypted/decrypted messages straight to email or text within Secret Message.


-- This iSecret Message app has been designed after consultation with network and information security experts. It converts plain text (the text that humans can understand) into a cipher text (encrypted message) that only the intended recipient can decode to a plain text.
-- With this app you will be able to send your personal/secret message to him/her and no one will able to understand it except you and him/her.
-- To decrypt/decode the message, the recipient will have to copy the received message into the iSecret Message app
-- Using the right value of shift the intended recipient can decode the cipher text (encrypted message) back into it's original message.


-- You must have the correct Encryption Key to decrypt a message (get it from the sender).
-- Keep sending us your feedback through the "Feedback and Bug Reporting" option in the Application. Because we love your feedback!

We would do our best to make this app as perfect as it could be.
We are working with some network and information security experts to make this app more user friendly and to introduce complex encryption algorithms to ensure more safety and convenience in using the app.
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