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3 Super Talk

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***此服務只適用於已登記國際長途電話服務及國際漫遊服務(包括話音及數據)之3香港之特選4G LTE 及/或3G企業客戶***

3 Super Talk 讓您無論身處香港或海外,只須透過流動數據或Wi-Fi連接,便可以接聽及致電世界各地 (1),與您的生意伙伴保持緊密聯繫及為您省卻漫遊通話費用!

- 沿用原有流動電話號碼
- 無限接聽及致電世界各地 (1)
- 對方毋須安裝3 Super Talk應用程式,亦可以透過任何流動或固網電話致電您的3 Super Talk號碼或接聽您的來電
- 同步使用手機內原有聯絡人
- 沿用原有流動電話號碼之 來電顯示 和 來電待接功能,應用程式亦有未接來電通知

1.客戶選用3 Super Talk服務需繳付3 Super Talk月費,月費只包括透過App接聽來電及致電香港電話號碼之通話費用,並不包括任何流動數據(本地或漫遊數據)或WiFi數據連接費、IDD通話費及使用此服務而產生的其他相關費用,客戶需要另外支付相關費用。



4.客戶須明白及同意3 Super Talk是不能接駁到緊急號碼或系統。3香港不會承擔因上述情況而引致的任何損失、損害或開支。


***3 Super Talk is only available and applicable to selected 3HK 4G LTE and / or 3G corporate subscribers (“Customer”) who have registered for IDD and roaming services, (including voice and data services)***

3 Super Talk enables you to receive and make calls anywhere in the world(1), with mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity, no matter you locate in Hong Kong or overseas. You can now stay connected with your business partners and save roaming call charges!

User Benefits:
- Keep using the original mobile number
- Unlimited incoming & outgoing voice calls to anywhere in the world(1)
- The counter party doesn’t need to install the app of 3 Super Talk, and it can also make calls to your 3 Super Talk number and receive your calls by any fixed line or mobile phone
- Seamless access to the handset’s original contact list
- Share the functions of caller number display and call waiting with original mobile number. The function of missed call notification is available in the App

1.Customer is required to pay the monthly charge for 3 Super Talk. The monthly charge only covers call charges for incoming calls and calling to Hong Kong’s phone numbers via the App. It does not include charges for any mobile data (local or roaming data) or WiFi connectivity, IDD call charges or any other charges that might be incurred from using the service, and Customer needs to pay for relevant charges incurred when using 3 Super Talk.

2.Customer shall have to understand and agree that 3HK shall not guarantee about the call quality, and that the service performance may be affected by the stability of data network or Wi-Fi connection. Customer should check with his/her network operator for any connection problems, restrictions on VoIP function, or any additional charges for using VoIP. 3HK shall not be liable for any service failure caused by the above situations.

3.Customer shall have to understand and agree that the provision of 3 Super Talk may be adversely affected by uncertain factors such as Customer’s mobile device settings, the restrictions of the relevant laws and regulations of Hong Kong or other overseas destinations, and other power failure which cannot be controlled by 3HK. If 3 Super Talk is interrupted or temporarily suspended due to the above events or other events which are beyond 3HK's control, 3HK shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever incurred by Customer.

4.Customer shall have to understand and agree that 3 Super Talk cannot be connected to any emergency number or system, and 3HK shall not be liable whatsoever for any loss, damage or expenses incurred by Customer in relation thereto.

5.All service charges and details are subject to final decision of 3HK. 3HK reserves the right to change the service charges and details without prior notice. The usage of 3HK service is also subject to other applicable general terms and conditions which are available on 3HK website for details.