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Crazy Peg Solitaire

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Board
  • Puzzle
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So you think you’re intelligent? Think again because Peg Solitaire is here to confound you. With 14 different puzzles and 12 different themes, this game is all set to give you a crazy exercise to your mind accompanied with lots of fun. The objective of the game is to end up with the least number of pegs, and guess what, the number of pegs left in the board works as an index of your smartness.

The easy, intuitive controls enable you to move your pegs swiftly from one place to another. The game commences when you click a marble to remove it from the board and make it jump over an adjacent peg. The moves take place in the following ways:

First move – Click the peg that is going to jump over the adjacent peg
Second move – Click the hole where the peg would be placed

So, plan your moves well, and end up being a genius. Given below is the number of pegs that shows how smart you are:

One peg – Simply a genius
Two pegs – You’re smart
Three pegs – Well, that’s average
Four pegs or more than that – Uh oh! That makes you dumb and you definitely need more practice

But, don’t worry if you leave four or more pegs at the first go. Just keep practicing because practice will make you perfect and will make you a genius too.