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Tesla by Silver Rocket

iPhone / iPad
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Tesla by Silver Rocket application contains a story and music inspired by the life of Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was one of 19th century's most important and most tragic figures. A genius who propelled the world into the 20th century and yet has sunk into almost complete oblivion. Some of his inventions worth mentioning include the introduction of alternating current, AC generator and AC motor, as well as laying the foundation for the construction of the radio - the invention Marconi took all the credit and, incidentally, was awarded the Nobel Prize for. In the end the US Supreme Court recognized Tesla's precedence. Unfortunately Nikola did not get to celebrate his well-deserved win - he had died before the court ruling was announced. Tesla patented over one hundred inventions, the founding stones for the construction of the radio, television, radar, remote controlled devices, neon lamps and wireless transmission of power. Upon his death all his notes were seized by the FBI. Legend has it that till this day the master's visionary theories are used by American military and space laboratories. Tesla did not attach much significance to money or to securing his patents and, consequently, ended up penniless towards the end of his life, obsessed with pigeons, lightnings and the number 3…

This application and music are a tribute to this underrated genius and inventor.