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Varsity Vocabulary: Welcome to High School

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Varsity Vocabulary teaches you the words you need to excel in high school — including words that appear on exams such as the SSAT, ISEE, and PSAT.  Varsity Vocabulary was created to be the best high school preparation app for English vocabulary by designers, students, and experts in language and learning.  Better yet, it teaches skills that help you make educated guesses about the meanings of new words.

Best of all, there are NO FLASHCARDS and NO DRILLS!  Instead, Varsity Vocabulary gives you words that you literally touch and join together.  Articles with your new words appear and are updated daily.  To help you make even more connections, photos and dictionary entries are just a tap away. 

Unlock the hidden secrets of words. Remember what you learn. Recognize new words you encounter, forever:

* No flashcards. No drills. Just fun.
* Fresh content daily - no made-up examples.
* 30 days of new vocabulary words.
* Effortlessly learn Latin and Greek roots, the basis for thousands of vocabulary words.
* Touch, graphics and sound.

Take time to see how your new words show up in articles on music, the arts, sports, fashion, science, or politics.  After you've completed each day's words, new phrases and words tumble out of your locker -- so you can make and share wacky sentences to test your vocabulary prowess and amuse your friends.

Vocabulary building is one of the best ways to boost your score now, and enrich your educational experience later. Download Varsity Vocabulary and watch your vocabulary grow, your test scores soar, and your teachers be astounded by your way with words!