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Calendar Timer

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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***** Calendar Timer 2, free download with in-app purchases, is now available for iOS 8 and 9 *****

• Make color-coded timed sessions of what's important to you, send them to your calendars, get more done!
• Achieve long-term goals one step, or session, at a time by tracking them using your calendars.
• A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
• Are you ready to be the master of your time by spending it doing what is important to you? Manifest your dreams today!

Customize individual sessions including name, calendar, duration and reminder interval. All sessions are color-coded the same as your calendars for quick, easy recognition.

This method works! Instead of making lists of things to do in the future, Calendar Timer gets you started on getting things done NOW. Getting started can be the hardest part. Once you are over that hurdle it is often easier to continue by way of inertia. And tracking your accomplishments reinforces your ability to continue making progress.

All you need is a calendar like the one that comes with OS X and works with iCloud, or the one that comes with your email account. Calendars have the benefit of being synchronizable across all your devices and can be accessed anywhere.

--- Summary ---

• Accomplish long-term goals.

• Works with all of the calendars on your iOS device.
- Record your progress and see it on multiple devices like laptop and tablet.

• Stay motivated because you have constant positive reinforcement from the progress marked on your calendars.

• Compatible with time-based productivity methods such as the Pomodoro technique.

• Using *Calendar Timer* serves as a psychological trigger to help maintain focus using terms that are personally meaningful thereby allowing the timer to be in direct alignment with your brain.

• Get more done in less time, or just get more done!

--- Features ---

• Works with multiple calendars.
• Each calendar can have a different color allowing you to quickly visualize your time.
• Calendars can have multiple sessions.
• Smooth, minimal friction interface.

• Different timing modes:
- Countdown timing.
- Other modes supported soon!

• Database of user-definable sessions.
- Access saved sessions quickly.
- Sessions can be up to 24 hrs, 59 mins, 59 secs long.
- You choose the session names.
- The meaning and value of your sessions are personal to you.

• Custom reminder interval time alert helps you stay focused.
- Beautifully resonant singing bowl sound.
- More sounds coming in future releases.
• Force completion by shaking in an up-and-down motion for one to two seconds or holding down the Stop button.

• Distraction-free interface helps you concentrate.
- Session input is fast and easy.
- Promotes focusing on one thing at a time.
- Supports background notifications.
- When the timer is running and the device is plugged in, it won't auto-lock and helps you stay on task.

• Under active development!
- The author is committed to this method of getting things done and this app.

• Your feedback is welcome!