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1. SecretFL Introduction
SecretFL application is effectively convenient to compare and analysis face size and Before & After procedure by using the image those are taken by iPad camera
※ Analysis of face line : Application can compare before & after face line and measure the designated distance by designating face size freely.
※ Major functions : Face size / Before & after procedure face size / Save and find picture
※ Component of product : Application to analysis face line / iPad-light / iPad-Stand

2.SecretFL components
1)Take a picture : You take a picture of front, right and left side face which needs necessary care.
2)Face Size analysis :
3)Find Before & After picture : Load the deposited picture.
4)Before & After comparative analysis : compare and diagnose after loading the deposited Before & After picture.

3.Analysis method
1) If you touch the Face Size analysis button, you will be able to measure your face size freely.
※ If you touch the start point and finish point in the picture, face size would be shown at the bottom of the screen.- Please be careful to keep your face area.
※ If you touch the Face Size button, It will display the latticed size in the screen.
※ After zoom and reduction by touching the screen on the Before & After image, you can see face size.
※ You should look at the size as move Before & After image to the center line when you enlarge a screen.
2) If you touch “Face Size Measurement” icon , cross-pattern line will display on the center of
If you touch the bilateral symmetry picture by the standard of center line, the size of face would display on the screen
3) If you choose the “SCREEN SAVE” icon, analyzed whole image would be deposited.

1) Please carefully take a front, right and left side face picture on the accurate face position when you take a picture.
※ Take a picture by choosing face which needs necessary care. –When you take a
front/left/right side face picture, maintain an angle of 90 degree.
2) Please carefully take a picture out of angle when you take a photo.
3) Please choose the analysis after saving picture which needs to save.
4) If you use the light when you take a picture
※ You can get better quality and it is convenient to compare and analyze.
(Take a picture back toward the light and dark sight when you take a photo.)
※ Also, you can take a picture conveniently if you use the iPad stand(Full System)
5) Picture is necessary deposit should choose the analyze after saving the picture.
6) If you use the iPad stand or light option when you take a face picture,
You can take accurate skin picture and diagnose. ( Tel : +82 33-743-3061)
7)Please send a e-mail, If you have got any further questions or trouble.