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Do you want a password and pincode that is uncrackable for tasks like a bank account, internet accounts , iphone, or a safe, the list of tasks that need passwords and pin codes in our technological age increases day by day.

Do you want a password or pin code that does not disappear if you lose your iphone or your scrappy piece of paper that your not supposed to have nor does it reappear elsewhere if someone else finds them first. There a lot of sophisticated apps and programs out there which make very tricky passwords but the best one out there is something that can’t been seen or used or taken away and it could be the password or pin code safely tucked away in your head.

But how many numbers can you remember at one time? The average person can remember 5 to 9 numbers. Would you like to increase that up to 10x that amount, you can, using the old fashioned saying “Practice makes perfect” This simple but effective game of memorizing 5 – 7 random numbers and putting them into squares in a 3x3 grid will start you on your way to have the master password and pincode in no time. After that you can tackle a 4x4 grid with twice as many numbers and then a 6x6 grid for those who have the patience and fortitude. Perfect for those few minutes here and there while waiting for the train or at the doctor’s surgery, you can use them wisely to give your brain muscle a workout, the first level takes 10 seconds, the second, 20 and the third, 30.

And whilst your memorizing, Binauaral Beat Music will assist you on your way. The binaural beats music that accompanies this app is “Letting Go” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke" in the Alpha frequency of 9 or 10 Hertz, Licensed by

For the best effect, listen with headphones as “binaural tones” are an auditory effect that is created in the brain when two tones of slightly different frequencies are played separately into each ear. Binaural beats cause the brain of the listener to adjust its dominant frequency to match the frequency of the binaural beat. This is what is known as the “frequency following response”. While your brain is in a state of alpha frequency, the mind is quite clear and receptive to information, learning is accelerated and one’s sense of creativity is enhanced which is why this frequency was chosen to memorise the numbers in the game.

Do Binaural Beats Work?
Binaural beats were first discovered over 150 years ago, and have been the subject of a great deal of technical exploration over the last 35 years in particular. Millions of people use binaural meditation to enhance their quality of life and to experience deep relaxation. In fact, binaural meditation technology is now used for more than just meditation. It is also used by a variety of practitioners and private users for improving self-confidence, stress relief, pain management, relaxation, improving and concentration and improving the quality of one's sleep.

You have only listened to 10 seconds to 30 seconds of this music while playing the ‘11 13’ game and if you would like to listen to 60 minutes more of this music for free and see if it assists you in other tasks, go to my website as I have bought the full track and it is royalty free, thanks, Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

Those who should not use brainwave entrainment include:
• Pregnant women
• Those who are wear a pacemaker
• People who have had or are prone to seizures
• People who are photosensitive
• Those who are epileptic