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Math Fleet - Pilot a Space Squadron and Defend Planet Earth with Math !

iPhone / iPad
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Pilot a Starship & Solve Math Problems to Fire Torpedoes while Dodging Asteroids & Battling Enemy Fighters! * A Challenging & Fun Way for Kids to Practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division! * Universal iOS App! * Optimized UIs for iPad HD/SD/Mini, iPhone HD/SD/4/5 & iPod Touch in One App!

* Created by Parents and Kids to give kids a Challenging & Fun Way to Practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division!

* Advance in Rank as you Solve more Math Problems Correctly and Unlock 16 Different Starships! Even Unlock the Ability to Pilot a Squadron of 2-4 Starships! Unlocks are based only on correctly answered math problems.

* Players have thumb-controlled laser turrets for close-in defense, but the enemy base ships are shielded, and only Math Torpedoes can penetrate their shields and destroy them! Players must fire two volleys of torpedoes by answering two math problems correctly to destroy a base ship.

* Players learn to "think on their feet" and solve math problems quickly while under pressure and despite distractions.

* Players keep their thumbs on two thumb controls to pilot their ship and operate the laser turrets, forcing them to learn to solve problems quickly without counting on their fingers.

* New Players begin as Math Fleet Cadets piloting a Star Fighter through 12 Different Enemy Patrol Sectors. Advance from Cadet to Fleet Admiral!

* Hi-Resolution Spacecraft and Space Scenes!

* Includes Drills for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Optional Positive and Negative Numbers, as well as Drills that mix problems of different operations.

* 8 User account slots so multiple family members can track their scores on one device.

* Multiple levels of Difficulty for each Math Drill. Best and Last Scores, and Correct/Incorrect Scores are Stored for 8 different local users.

* Space weapons include thumbstick targeted turrets, allowing you to focus fire from all ships at once. There are multiple In-Game turret upgrades with different configurations and larger weapons.

* Earn Shields, Plasma Torpedoes, and Turret Upgrades by Answering Math Problems Correctly when resupply ships appear.

* Universal iOS App: Built-in interfaces optimized for iPad HD/SD/Mini, iPhone HD/SD, iPhone 5, and iPod Touch, all in One App!

* About Math Fleet *

Math Fleet was created by an independent, family app business with parents and kids teaming up to develop a fun and exciting game combining challenging Math Drills with thrilling space action.

Our goal was to create an exciting math game that kids actually want to play, and that also challenged their minds to think under pressure and despite destractions, by combining fast problem solving with the stress of piloting a spaceship.

We hope you have as much fun playing Math Fleet and honing your Math skills as we did creating this game over the last 8 months. We have much more planned for future updates, so if you have any questions, issues or suggestions, please email us at

- Team Banzai