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TiMeLy HD Lite

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  • Productivity
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**This is Lite Version**
TiMeLy : Ultimate To-do app with time management matrix.

TiMeLy helps you to,
✓ Identifying tasks and recognizing demands on our time
✓ Planning ahead and prioritizing activities; applying personal values to the process of prioritization
✓ Focusing on activities that are not urgent but are important

By looking at the whole picture you have the opportunity to balance work and other priorities in your life. These tasks include writing a personal mission statement, long-range planning and preparation. If you succeed in doing this, you can expect the following benefits:

* Coherence – in your planner include values and personal mission
* Balance – the planner should include, and help you to focus on, how to
establish a healthy work–life balance
* Focus – the planner should encourage focus on important life as well as work issues
* Flexibility – the planning tool is your servant not your master
* People dimension – this tool will help to improve your relationships with others